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Picture Book Month!

November 1, 2012

Woo-wee! November, the month of writing and reading, is here! If you are an illustrator or writer of picture books, many thought-provoking, motivating, and inspirational articles can be found on the PiBoMo website. Also lots of linkety-links to make your clicker finger happy. You can start by clicking the badge above.

Normally, I read books and make illustrations that move or embellish the story. This year I’m writing my own Great American Picture Book. Last week I dove into my big list of picture book ideas and there was one that stood out as having the right tone for my current moods, with the scope for lots of silliness. Sometimes just settling on an idea can be really difficult, so when the choice seems to be obvious, the muse must be smiling on my efforts.

I’ll be storyboarding and writing simultaneously. Since I’m primarily an illustrator, the image often comes before the words in my mind. So…the pencils are sharpened, the keyboard has been dusted, and dummy sheets for storyboarding have been printed.

Read about storyboarding for picture books here.

Here’s a storyboard template you can print and use yourself: storyboard

Another resource for storyboard templates with options for horizontal, vertical, or square formats: Scott E Franson

Let’s go — draw! write! Make your mark!

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